Horsing Around with Special Guest Tanja MacIsaac

Horsing Around with Special Guest Tanja MacIsaac

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November 3, 2014 by Dr. Andi's Animal Magic

Do you KNOW more is possible for you and your horse?

Are you looking to create that Right Relationship with your horse?

What will that take?

How could you use the Access Consciousness tools and processes to get you and your horse there?

How much more fun can you and your horse have together?

Have you ever wanted to have a magic wand to change anything including the health and happiness of your animal?

Join Dr. Andi Harper as she introduces you to animal care and her animal magic using the Access Consciousness tools!

For more information on Dr. Andi please visit www.HarpersRidge.com

Are you ready to go beyond what the lessons, clinics and experts have told you?

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