Home Sweet New Home

Home Sweet New Home

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July 13, 2015 by Imperfect Brilliance with Betsy & Kathy

Imperfect Brilliance’s very own Betsy McLoughlin doubles as a Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire. Using the tools of Access Consciousness, Betsy created the home of her dreams showing up with magic.

On Monday’s show, she’s going to share with us the tools she used to go from stuck and stagnant, to qualifying financially for a home she didn’t think she could afford. This allowed a whole new possibility that culminated with that new home finding her, choosing Betsy to be the new occupant. She also co-created with her previous home to find the family it desired to move in…. and all with total ease, joy, and glory!

Are you looking for a new place to live? What does Betsy have to share with you that might allow a new living situation to come into your life with total ease too?!

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