Harmony in a Hurry Up World ~ Guest Sharon Campbell-Rayment

Harmony in a Hurry Up World ~ Guest Sharon Campbell-Rayment

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May 13, 2019 by *The SOAR Experience

The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins

As a successful business owner, nurse, mother, and wife, Sharon knows firsthand what the speed of life can cost you.

While racing to do more, her life changed abruptly and dramatically from a horseback riding accident when she acquired a traumatic brain injury with a resulting diagnosis of “completely disabled”.

Yet Sharon held onto her faith and natural tenacity knowing that, “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” (Napoleon Hill)

Now as a Professional Speaker and Spiritual Leader, her expertise is in transforming Chaos to Harmony in a Hurry Up World to help you experience inner peace, deeper connection, and renewed hope.

Sharon has created a unique process to rewire the mind and resurrect the soul to experience inner silence and a still mind even in the midst of chaos. She draws from her diverse background, current research, and her own transformation to help those who are feeling the stress, overwhelm, and the disconnect of a busy life

Sharon is engaging and humorous, and how she attained her Scottish brogue after living in Canada all her life is not something you hear about every day!

Over the last 20 years Sharon Campbell Rayment has worked as a Public Health Nurse, owned and operated the GoodLife Fitness Club for Women in Chatham, acquired her Masters in Divinity, and ran horseback riding camps for special and general population children.

Sharon is the founder of the Creating Harmony Spirit Centre, home of the Harmony Labyrinth and Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning. Sharon’s book, “Falling into the Rhythm of Life: Life Lessons Straight from the Horse’s Mouth”, launched in June of 2016 and became an International Best Seller. Her first book, Creating Harmony From Within, is still the cornerstone of her transformative teachings.  https://sharoncampbellrayment.com/   sharoncamray@me.com

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