Happy Endings – Tales of Light and Heavy ~ Danna Lewis

Happy Endings – Tales of Light and Heavy ~ Danna Lewis

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September 25, 2017 by Luscious Leadership with Danna Lewis

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Where are you not using your awareness strategically to have more of what you do want and way less of what you don’t? Get present to receive what you’ve been asking for, have kindness and generosity for others, and be alert to avoid things you don’t want sneaking up on you!

Do you adore your spouse as much as your team? Are you as passionate about your romantic relationship as you are your career? Do you believe that holistic prosperity, gratitude and fulfillment are possible in your entire work-life spectrum? Would you like to develop a culture that empowers your team to thrive in and out of the office?

Danna Lewis will provide you with the topics and framework to bring the art of pragmatic energy and inspired action of luscious leadership into your life to improve your bottom line from the bedroom to the boardroom. What if you you could embody the courageously conscious and kind strategic awareness to create a life, living and love that work deliciously well for you?



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