Happiness Club with Faith Northam

Happiness Club with Faith Northam

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March 6, 2017 by Dancing with Consciousness

Dancing with Consciousness with Danielle & Cathleen Radio Show

Faith Northam has created the Happiness Club for kids to have the joy of playing while their parents are doing other things. The Happiness Club was created as an invitation for more parents to bring their children to classes. The Club will allow you to bring your children to class in a more supervised manner. This childcare service allows you to receive more at class while your children are receiving the class the way they do best. The children, not only receive the class, but get a cultural experience with daily field trips. The children will get to make new friends and possibly even be exposed to a different language. The Happiness Club is an amazing way for your children to connect with crazy, wild, and like-minded children.

thehappinessclub1234@gmail.com   googirl4joy@gmail.com

Cathleen and Danielle will be introducing tools and ways to create this in your life and empowering you to know what you know with totally ease. And to express your exuberance in life as if you were on the dance floor.

Join your hosts Danielle Varanda and Cathleen Connor this week in the Dance of Consciousness!



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