Handling the Demon Bitch from Hell, Part 2!! ~ Andrew & Liam

Handling the Demon Bitch from Hell, Part 2!! ~ Andrew & Liam

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December 14, 2015 by Gentlemen, Relationships, Choice

Many men throughout the ages have bought the point of view that woman are the fairer sex and not capable of being mean. Men are not taught to deal with this energy other than by using resistance and reaction… What if there were other ways to deal with a demon bitch with out resorting resistance?

Liam and Andrew continue their discussion about handling demon bitches from hell. In the first show, we covered many things about how to deal with a demon bitch from hell. But, more importantly, we offered eight (8) tools that would allow men to deal with such ladies. In this second show, we’ll continue to discuss and offer more tools on how to deal with such women. It’s a fun exploration into an often unsaid reality.

Join the TWO FINE GENTS, Liam and Andrew as they continue to explore the often unacknowledged topic of dealing with a woman who is demon bitch from hell.

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