Halloween Spooktacular with Clairvoyant June Murphy

Halloween Spooktacular with Clairvoyant June Murphy

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October 28, 2015 by Creative Energy in You

Join Cheri as she speaks with Clairvoyant June Murphy and whatever spirits choose to show up to play!
Call in for a mini reading, and come into the chat room!

Let’s have fun with “the other side” for Halloween!

June has been doing readings professionally for over 25 years. She connects with the energy of her clients, her Guides and her clients’ Guides to gain information and insight for guidance and opportunities. She is Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Mediumistic and a Trance Channel for several Guides, Master Teachers and a Group self-described as the Brotherhood of Light.

June has provided information as a Forensic Psychic to Law Enforcement and directly with families under special circumstances.

Connecting to people who have crossed over and giving peace and comfort to those they have left behind is extremely rewarding for June. She feels blessed to be able to give clients peace and comfort and that last farewell. Knowing that loved ones are doing well on the otherside is often the breakthrough needed for those who are having a tough time letting go of their grief.

June does Pastlife Readings for those interested in finding out about their far-out past; besides the insights into the soul’s journey, these readings are fun, funny and sometimes shocking.

June has taught classes on various metaphysical topics including Chakra balancing, meditation and  developing intuitive abilities.

June strives to help people help themselves by learning to “tune in” and “listen to” their inner-voice, to connect to their Higher-Self and their Guides and to see opportunities rather than road blocks.

www.facebook.com/june.murphy           www.junemurphy.net