Grief Relief – Shifting Sadness ~ Danielle & Cathleen

Grief Relief – Shifting Sadness ~ Danielle & Cathleen

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October 24, 2016 by Dancing with Consciousness

Dancing with Consciousness with Danielle & Cathleen Radio Show

Especially as we head into the holidays, it can be easy to notice some sadness, grief, disappointment, or loneliness.

Would you like some easy tools and techniques to shift and change this?

Can you use some ways to be fully present while experiencing whatever comes up for you?

Join Danielle and Cathleen to shift back into joy with the Dance of Consciousness.

Cathleen and Danielle will be introducing tools and ways to create this in your life and empowering you to know what you know with totally ease. And to express your exuberance in life as if you were on the dance floor.

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