Grief Done Differently with Guest Donnielle Carter

Grief Done Differently with Guest Donnielle Carter

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June 18, 2014 by Living Consciously with Kass

Swimming in joy or drowning in tears ?

Whenever something changes, someone moves on, you break up or divorce, change cities or countries, a new life starts…a different life.

Change has that duality: something ends and something new begins. It doesn’t matter if you are joyful about this change or not. As I was for instance at the termination of my first marriage, or relived, as you may be when someone you love finally moves on after suffering for a long period of time, it is still a death of some kind and we inevitably have a period of mourning. For many of us the period of mourning begins way before the person’s life or the relationship is over. We all get there when we get there.

Sometimes it is expressed through anger, or guilt or depression or periods of abstinence or promiscuity, usually some choice (behavior, condition or state) to distract ourselves and or others from the “loss” of a loved one or the nostalgia for a relationship or a place left behind. With my guest Donnielle Carter we will explore various situations of loss and change and present some alternative ways of living beyond grief and sorrow.

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