Global Business Explosion: Guest, Pratima Nagaraj

Global Business Explosion: Guest, Pratima Nagaraj

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September 5, 2016 by Beyond Speech Limitless Communication ~ Lauren Polly

Beyond Speech: Limitless Communication with Lauren Polly  Radio Show 

Are you wondering how to explode your business globally?  Do you have an idea, perspective and/or presence that you would love to get out into the world in a big way?  Would you love to have that reach but are unsure of what your business truly is?  Do you already have a business and are looking for some tips on what’s required to substantiate and sustain a bigger reach?  What if what’s required to create all of that is different than you think?

Join Beyond Speech: Limitless Communication with host Lauren Polly and guest Pratima Nagaraj as they share discoveries on the energetics, pragmatics and creation potential for allowing your business to explode globally.  How big do you want to go?

Pratima Nagaraj is an author, speaker, hypnotherapist, transformational coach and an internationally known facilitator with the dynamic body of energy transformational work called Access Consciousness®.  She is a lifestyle entrepreneur with a Master’s degree in Business Administration and offers business coaching to new and aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.  She travels the world facilitating personal development workshops and sessions that empower people to shift and transform any area of their life that’s not working for them, so they may create a life they truly desire.  You can learn more about Pratima here –

Lauren Polly has been working with folks with “communication disorders” since 2004 as a speech-language pathologist and it never ceases to amaze her how much people judge and beat themselves up for supposed mishaps in communication. “I never meant to say that.” “It came out wrong.” “I just don’t sound like myself.” Are some of the things she hears every day. What follows are stories of how the communication breakdown led to undesirable results – loss of friendship, loss of a business deal, an argument with a loved one, or just the sense that you didn’t deliver what was possible. What if there was a different possibility?