Getting Unstuck & Moving Forward Fast with Potent Guests & Kass Thomas

Getting Unstuck & Moving Forward Fast with Potent Guests & Kass Thomas

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August 13, 2014 by Living Consciously with Kass

Sometimes you wake up with your head up your … well let’s just say you wake up not in a light place.

It’s great to have meditation tapes and techniques, mantras, affirmations and the like but what are some sure fired ways to cannon ball you out of the sh@*t hole toward the light of day and towards creating a different reality immediately ?

You have got to move forward and be stimulated to create something new or from a new prospective immediately or the slide back down is much too easy and accessible.

Let’s take it into our own hands and be the kamikaze of change and explode limited, downer, depressing replayed tape out of existence!

Rip up the tape…Smash the recorder…You can and will recreate yourself!

Don’t be afraid to use the same tools again and add something It’s a 3 phase process and each one has a different vibe 1. Unlock unblock – this is about locating the emergency exit. There’s usually a lot of built up sh@*t in your way that obscures it from your view.

When you find it, and it opens up, get out of there!

Don’t keep fiddling with the lock when it is already open (Don’t get comfortable and complacent just coz you now have an open door, use it! save those other keys for another time, add to your unlocking tools for the next time )

2. Step out the door Choice, first step is always the biggest step. Action is required. Take a deep breath and choose you! Strongly . Aggressively. In your face ACT NOW. It truly is about gulping for air. We are not talking about waiting for the right moment. There is no wrong moment to get your head out of the shit Are you out the door? Now…

3. Run like the dickens – move forward

Use Questions for creation

What can I do today…

If I were creating my reality just for me…

Join me along with Beverly Clinton, Jennifer Randive and Christine McIver, while we work with these three steps and stack up your tool box with some sure fire winners!

The time is now!

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