Getting Courageous On Camera & In The Spotlight ~ Rhonda Burns

Getting Courageous On Camera & In The Spotlight ~ Rhonda Burns

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January 3, 2018 by *Rendezvous with Rhonda

Coming Undone With The Tenacious Minx Radio Show with Rhonda Burns

How do you feel about being on camera? How about on stage, or in front of an audience? Are you an aspiring leader, influencer or impactor? Are you “showing up” in the world, on stage or on camera for your audience? Do you have a mission or a service/product that you’re being called to share with the world in a greater way? Did you know that video and visual elements (on camera) are one of the greatest ways to have more people be able to find you and the work you’re here to contribute to the world! 

How many beliefs are in the way of you choosing to show up visibly, powerfully and expertly on camera, on the air, on stage and anywhere else you’re called to? Join us for today’s show that will be the precursor to the 8-week freedom course beginning on January 18, 2018. Rhonda will share some pragmatic tools and techniques for you to get the process started, so don’t miss the show! 


It’s all about coming undone from conditioning, poor modeling and bogus beliefs to come alive and truly thrive. AKA: FREEDOM. Together, we learn, explore, transform, laugh, play and show up greater, so that we can remind not only ourselves of our greatest potential & possibilities, but to invite others to know it for themselves as well.

Be sure to grab your FREE gift from Rhonda on her website: It’s a “mojo” activation/meditation audio file that will help you tap into the power of Y-O-U. Go get it if you haven’t already! This will add you to the list to ensure you never miss an event, class or mega-possibility that’s coming down the pipe!

**Upcoming events include:

 GETTING COMFY & COURAGEOUS ON CAMERA – – 8 week class starts Thursday, January 18, 2018 – only $247; space is limited! BONUS’ available to early registrants, so don’t delay & as mentioned during the show – Scientific Hand Analysis orders are only $150 to class participants desiring to have theirs done. 

Want to know more clearly what your unique design and purpose to be here as and for is? Order a  Scientific Hand Analysis today.

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