Get the f**k out of the Muck! Special Guest Christine McIver

Get the f**k out of the Muck! Special Guest Christine McIver

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August 18, 2014 by Creating Beyond Reality! with Heather Nichols

Join Heather Nichols on Creating Beyond Reality Radio this week with special guest and creatress of magnitude, Christine McIver. Christine is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Possibilities Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, Radio Show Host, Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Entrepreneur is driven to inspire you to make choices that will bring you to your true hearts desires.

Christine lives her life out loud and is a natural cheerleader who believes in the abilities of others to change their lives quickly and easily. She entices clients to show up more in their life, business & relationships than they have ever before. Inviting them to make all that they once knew was possible, possible.

What if getting out of being stuck in the muck were actually a lot easier than you think it is? And what if, sometimes the ‘muck’ can be an invitation to choose something way greater in your reality?

In this delightful conversation we will share with you some super practical tools that can shift you out of the ‘muck’ really quickly….plus a potent conversation on the role of choice in getting to a happier reality asap.

Join Heather and Christine for an expansive hour that includes laughter, a deep dive into the conversation of choice, and a foray into the possibility of choosing true happiness and ease regardless of how challenging our lives seem to be!

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