From Source, with Love ~ Rhonda Burns

From Source, with Love ~ Rhonda Burns

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January 1, 2020 by Rendezvous with Rhonda

Rendezvous With Rhonda Radio Show

Starting off the new month, new year and the new decade, From Source with Love is Rhonda’s way of sharing a “love letter” from the Universe. Please listen in and enjoy the translation of spiritual truth and wisdom specifically for you from the Source, with some real-world stories thrown in for some additional loving wisdom. May the reverence and the love that Rhonda shares inspire you to truly know just how vital, important, loved and adored you are. Thank you for being here – Happy New Year and New You.

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~ More About Rendezvous With Rhonda ~ 

Is life meeting you in ways that work for you? Better yet, how are YOU meeting life each and every day? How intentionally, deliberately, pleasurably and powerfully are you creating your life, love, health, body, wealth and everything that truly matters to you?

Welcome to the party known as Rendezvous with Rhonda! You could also call it, a Rendezvous with LOVE. A meeting place meant to welcome you, inspire you and above all else, remind you… of who you truly are and what’s not only available, but more than possible.

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