Flying the Winds of Infinite Possibility! with Tamara and Alun

Flying the Winds of Infinite Possibility! with Tamara and Alun

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May 18, 2015 by Playground of Possibilities with Tamara and Alun

When it comes to possibilities in your life and for your life what have you decided or been told is impossible? And does that feel expansive or contractive for you?

And how many things did you know as a child were be possible that you were told were impossible by others?

Did you know that when you conclude anything about anything you totally shut down the possibilities available to you? What if you could regain that wonderful sense of curiosity and total knowingness that you had as a child that anything is possible?

What if getting curious about possibilities could open up so much more for you and the world?

Tamara and Alun invite you to come and play in the Playground of Possibilities where the possibilities are limitless and where playing is the sovereign reality on Monday 11th May at 3pm UK, 10am EDT, 9am CDT, 8am MDT, 7am PDT on

This will be a pre-recorded show so there’ll be no chatroom or live calls this week – sorry everybody. However, we’ll be back on the 25th and playing with the topic of contribution! What else is possible?

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