Fiesta ~ Helen with Guest Fiona Cutts

Fiesta ~ Helen with Guest Fiona Cutts

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October 20, 2017 by The Possibility Of You

The Possibility Of You Radio Show

For Helen Geary’s last Radio Show – We are going out with a blaze of glory! Guest Fiona Cutts will be joining Helen for a Feisty Fiesta. In what ways can we choose to celebrate life? Let’s choose to Play More, Dream More, Be more Curious. Come and Play with Us!

Fiona Cutts is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, a Right Voice for You Master Facilitator, and the founder of Phenomenance with Fiona.

She works with groups and individuals in the North of the UK where she lives, online, and increasingly in different parts of the world, to empower them to create greater lives, greater lives than they think are possible. She works with people on all aspects of their lives, and particularly enjoys empowering people with confidence and the voice, with their body and movement, with their body and sex, and with releasing fatigue and releasing low mood.

Fiona came to this type of work through serious chronic illness – chronic fatigue syndrome, combined with low mood and despair. She healed herself using energy healing techniques, and trained as an Integrated Energy healer. Within eighteen months of qualifying, and already with a successful energy healing business, Fiona knew that there must be something quicker and easier to empower people – and that is when she found the tools of Access Consciousness and Right Voice for You.

Since then, her personal journey with releasing shyness of the voice and the body, becoming more confident, regaining her natural exuberance and joyfulness have accelerated and continue to unfold.

You can find out more about Fiona and the sessions and classes she facilitaites here – , and you can contact her here –

Join Helen & Niamh on their weekly show where they will be exploring a variety of topics inviting You to Feel Good in Your Skin, Create Healthier Relationships, More Ease with Money, Greater Fun & Joy in All Areas of Your Life. 

What Else Is Possible For Your Life & Living?

The Possibility Of You is a co-creation with Helen Geary & Niamh Cullen O’Reilly & The Universe. Both Ladies are creators of magnitude yet exude ease & joy in the delivery of dynamic and life changing tools for people of all ages.

The Possibility Of You Radio Show invite’s people to start choosing for them from a space of clarity, ease and fun.

What if you really are the guru of your own life!

How much fun could you have?

What gift would it be to you, to be immersed in a space of non-judgement of you, your body & your life?

No matter where you are in your life right now, lasting change is possible…we can show you how!!

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