Fellatio Ratio with Guest Milica Jelenic

Fellatio Ratio with Guest Milica Jelenic

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June 4, 2014 by Living Consciously with Kass

Fellatio Ratio…Say what ?!$?@!

That’s right, everything you wanted to know about the art but were afraid to ask. Is it really all about sex?

My guest this week, Milica Jelenic, has a very different approach to this “art” which is often an obsession (for both men and women), frequently an exchange rate for cash and what else is possible? Could, as my guest proposes, it truly create a change in the world?

Join me while we discuss the many ways bodies receive and refuse to receive and what is truly possible with fellatio that you may have never considered..

Listen in and open up to a new possibility for you and your body.




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