Feeling on Purpose ~ Guest Monique MacDonald

Feeling on Purpose ~ Guest Monique MacDonald

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August 26, 2019 by *The SOAR Experience

The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins

What if you could create a life where you knew, without a doubt, that you were making a difference and on the right path?

Every person on the planet has had moments of feeling lost, unfulfilled, stuck or trapped in a situation at work, in a relationship, or in life in general – that’s NORMAL and that’s part of our human experience. But if you feel that way more often than not, then discovering and living in alignment with your Sacred Gifts™ can set you free. Sacred Gifts are unexplainable abilities that we have, from birth to death, that allow us to do ordinary things, extraordinarily well. And by knowing your Sacred Gifts, and choosing to use them in your life, you will feel more energized, more fulfilled, and more powerful… because you’ll know that you are making a difference that matters.
Stop trying to FIND your purpose, and start FEELING on purpose instead.

Monique MacDonald has been a personal development trainer, and a mentor for nearly 20 years.
After 30 years of working as a registered nurse, Monique decided to leave the profession she loved and created the program called Discover Your Sacred Gifts. The digital program by the same name is changing lives in over 20 countries around the world.
Monique doesn’t call herself a coach.. she calls herself a SHIFT DISTURBER.
She has taught and mentored thousands of people in achieving a greater sense of purpose and meaning in life.
Monique is a trusted authority on the topic of gifts.
Today she is going to share with you her Feel On Purpose Formula which she calls ‘the secret sauce’ to happiness.  monique@telus.net     http://yoursacredgifts.com/

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