Feel Right, Act Right ~ Bruce Cruickshank

Feel Right, Act Right ~ Bruce Cruickshank

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May 4, 2022 by Your Life, On Purpose!

Your Life, On Purpose! with Bruce Cruickshank 

When you feel right, do you act right? What happens when you don’t feel right? Have you made some regretful decisions when not feeling right? Has this led to more poor decisions? Come talk with Bruce Cruickshank, your host and accountability partner as Bruce talks about what it is to feel right to act right in your life!

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~ More About Your Life, On Purpose with Bruce Cruickshank ~ 

Your Higher Power has an On-Purpose Life already designed for you.

Are you tapping into your awareness to receive and live your On-Purpose life?

Most of us go through life knowing we were called to do more, yet very few of us do anything about this.

Accountability Partner Bruce Cruickshank, will use his talents, gifts and experience to support you, and guide you to an On-Purpose Life.


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