Excuse Me, Your Victim-hood Is Showing ~ Rhonda Burns

Excuse Me, Your Victim-hood Is Showing ~ Rhonda Burns

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June 8, 2016 by Rendezvous with Rhonda

Never one to shy away from poking the collective head-in-the-sand topics, this week Rhonda will be inviting you to start to notice, acknowledge and claim where you are, or have chosen victim-hood. Knowing beyond knowing that our power and potency is beyond imagination, Rhonda desires to shake you up, wake you up and invite you to step up in your own life. Who knows – maybe YOU are the one someone else has been waiting for permission to choose it too?

Rhonda is a definitely different catalyst for an unconventional way to embrace ALL of Y-O-U. Rhonda’s vibrant and exuberant personality coupled with the space of no judgment, not only invites people into the fullness and genuine truth of themselves, but provides the infusion of energy to quicken the time frame, allowing them to achieve their greatest levels of success and happiness faster. She’s been deemed a hound dog and an atom bomb of consciousness, as well as an energetic powerhouse. People can’t help but walk away activated, energized and feeling better as a result of playing with Rhonda.

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