Everything You Do, Do It For You ~ Helen & Niamh

Everything You Do, Do It For You ~ Helen & Niamh

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May 12, 2017 by The Possibility Of You

The Possibility Of You Radio Show

What if you could truly choose for you? We have been told the lie for long enough that it is selfish to put ourselves first. That lie has led us to disappearing in our own lives putting the needs and the judgement’s of others before your own hopes, dreams and desires – well the time is now – Join us for our very first show as we explore the possibility of “Everything you do, do it for you”

Join Helen & Niamh on their weekly show where they will be exploring a variety of topics inviting You to Feel Good in Your Skin, Create Healthier Relationships, More Ease with Money, Greater Fun & Joy in All Areas of Your Life.