Enjoying the Magical Relationship With Your Body ~ Guest Grant Gallicano

Enjoying the Magical Relationship With Your Body ~ Guest Grant Gallicano

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November 19, 2018 by Creating Magical Relationships with Bert & Nelly

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What if your body was your best friend? What is the relationship between body and being? If you treated your pet like you treat your body, would your pet run away? Are you grateful for your body? Do you communicate with your body? What if you worked with your body? What does working with your body look like?
If you have not been listening to your body now is the time.
Your are invited to tune in as we discuss your relationship between body and being with our special guest Grant Gallicano.
Grant is a Certified Facilitator of Right Body for You and invites you to a very different perspective about bodies and your ability to change yours. It might be easier than you ever knew possible. Recognize how you are creating your body, having the body that your body wants to be, and what you need to do to create the body your body wishes to be. When you begin to listen to your body, something entirely different can show up. He will inspire you to create the body you truly desire.

Grant Gallicano holds a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, with emphasis on Consciousness, Health and Healing. A Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, involving aspects of Right Voice for You and Right Body for You, Grant has a unique way of staying in the question. He is on a mission to impact global health and well-being, assisting people in transforming their inner and outer worlds. For those looking to shift from where they are, to where they would like to be, Grant can be found offering classes, workshops, Access Bars treatments, and body processes out of his office (Grant’s Healing) in Trail, British Columbia as well as locations around the world.  https://www.grantshealing.com


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