Earthly Signs From Above….How do we Recognize Them… ~ Dr. Deborah Unipan

Earthly Signs From Above….How do we Recognize Them… ~ Dr. Deborah Unipan

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October 11, 2019 by Awakening with Angels ~ Dr. Deborah Unipan

Awakening With Angels ~ Dr. Deborah Unipan Radio Show

Learning to listen to that gut feeling…or that urging in your head..or the bird chirping outside your window at 3 in the to recognize the signs from heaven…our guides and angels and loved ones who passed urging us to connect.


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could see the possible outcome of an experience, by changing whether you went left instead of right, or knowing the karmic lessons that were about to befall you by your present actions were now put in motion to help you grow?

Dr. Deborah Unipan is a Seer, and this is her world everyday of her life.  She sees past lives, present and future situations of the people who come across her path.  She understands why they hold onto the hurt and pain of situations in life that seem impossible to overcome. She can help them understand the lesson needed to learn in order to release the pain and blockages so they can move forward to find their joy again. Let her help you learn how to heal yourself through opening up your awareness to the understanding of your soul’s journey, its path and blueprint of your present life. Let her teach you how to know your soul, see your aura, and feel your higher self’s connection and guidance, along with connecting to your Angels, Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, and Loved Ones who have passed. Reach out to Deborah and discover how to open your awareness to a level you never knew was imaginable, opening new doors of possibilities into your present life.

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