Drive Social Media Engagement with Pink Cactus ~ Guest Lucy McLay

Drive Social Media Engagement with Pink Cactus ~ Guest Lucy McLay

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June 3, 2019 by The SOAR Experience

The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins

Pink Cactus Social is a social media consultant business specializing in strategic planning and innovative solutions. On this show, we will have a dynamic conversation on some insights to build an efficient and results driven social media plan that will increase your exposure and engagement. Increasing social and online awareness for your business and personal brand will directly contribute to an increase in your visibility and overall success.

Lucy McLay is the owner and creator of the Social Media Consulting Business, Pink Cactus Social. She started her business in October of 2018 and it has been booming ever since. With over 4+ years of experience in assisting businesses improve their social/online footprint, her goal is to help businesses gain a larger following with the end goal of growing their client base. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, her main focus is to help build an efficient and results-driven relationship. She teaches businesses the importance of increasing social and online awareness which will directly contribute to an increase in their visibility and overall success.

Her educational background and work experience in Communications, Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media has lead her to the journey of Social Media Consulting. She is a hard-working industry professional with a passion for writing and creating authentic and original content. It is her goal to help businesses gain a larger following through different tools and techniques that can be used on the various social media platforms including: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

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The world has become “intensely noisy”.  People everywhere are seeking insights and inspiration that will bring clarity, connection and congruency to their business and life. Does this resonate with you? Have you ever found yourself in this position?

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