Doubt The Distractor! With Rachael O’Brien

Doubt The Distractor! With Rachael O’Brien

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December 17, 2014 by Receiving Rachael

This week I am going to talk about doubt and how it can stop you from creating your phenomenal life, your living and your creations!  Doubt is the biggest block in the way of you committing to you and your happiness.

What if doubt is a complete and utter lie that you have been buying as true! Are you willing to go beyond the limitation of doubt and commit to you no matter what? Even if it takes the rest of your life to get you in totality?

In Access we always say the truth is light for you and a lie is heavy! When you are aware of the word doubt in your world is it heavy or light for you? And would you be willing to ask a question and another question to have a different possibility in your life? If you didn’t have doubt what could you choose? Are you now willing to look at doubt and just laugh, and say watch me! And what if change in this area is just as simple as choosing to join me and ask a question?

Hugs Rach