Doing Friendship Differently ~ Guest Gabrielle Vena

Doing Friendship Differently ~ Guest Gabrielle Vena

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December 14, 2015 by Beyond Speech Limitless Communication ~ Lauren Polly

Beyond Speech: Limitless Communication with Lauren Polly  Radio Show 

What is friendship?  Is it an open playground of possibilities or is it a mine field of unexpressed expectations?  Do you find joy and spontaneity in your friendships or are they marred with old patterns that you can’t seem to break free from?  How much of yourself and your friend are you excluding in order to ‘fit’ with each other?  How do you make the leap from simple connection to powerful co-creation?

Join Beyond Speech: Limitless Communication with host Lauren Polly and guest Gabrielle Vena as they share discoveries on being and doing friendship differently.  What if friendship could be a creative space with everyone and everything included?

Gabrielle Vena has been a seeker her entire life.  After many years practicing as a Psychotherapist and helping to train Psychotherapy Trainees and Interns, a series of life altering events allowed her to look more closely at her life and what she truly desired to create in the world.  Something greater, easier and more joyful was possible.

After a frequently fun, and somewhat frustrating period of seeking she reconnected with her love of energetic healing and her knowing that everything can be changed.  She trained and received certification in Reiki and Integrative Energy Therapy among others.  In 2011 she “stumbled” upon the tools of Access Consciousness® and knew it was the game changer she had always looked for.

Using her potent intuitive abilities, what she has learned from 20 years of working with people and drawing strongly from the tools of Access Consciousness® she facilitates individual clients and groups to actualize their desires and shift anything that is in the way.  Whether it be in individual sessions, classes or ongoing intensives she empowers clients to know what they know and to become the powerhouse of change in their own lives that is unstoppable.

Lauren Polly has been working with folks with “communication disorders” since 2004 as a speech-language pathologist and it never ceases to amaze her how much people judge and beat themselves up for supposed mishaps in communication. “I never meant to say that.” “It came out wrong.” “I just don’t sound like myself.” Are some of the things she hears every day. What follows are stories of how the communication breakdown led to undesirable results – loss of friendship, loss of a business deal, an argument with a loved one, or just the sense that you didn’t deliver what was possible. What if there was a different possibility?