Do You Really Need To “Let It Go”? ~ Aideen T. Finnola

Do You Really Need To “Let It Go”? ~ Aideen T. Finnola

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November 27, 2019 by *In Pursuit of Truth with Aideen T. Finnola

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“Let it go” is one of the most popular platitudes in our culture today, especially in spiritual, personal growth, and self-help communities. Like with so many of these platitudes, when someone tells you to “let it go,” it can leave you feeling judged, criticized, like you’re falling short, and like you’re being a control freak. It’s an easy-peasy command for another person to utter because they aren’t the one wrestling with the challenge that you are when they tell you to just “let it go.” And, it gives them a “get out of jail free” pass to side-step actually supporting you through your challenge.

But do you really always need to “let it go”? Does this platitude work in all challenging situations? Is it wise to use the “let it go” platitude as a “one size fits all” approach to every challenge you face? Perhaps it’s actually more complex than that. Perhaps, as in all things, you should pursue your own truth and find the source of infallible wisdom within yourself. When you have been told to “let it go,” and something inside you rails against this platitude, pause, go within, and ask yourself “Do I want to let it go?” God, Source, The Universe, Your Higher Self, etc. will give you the answer, in a still small voice, and you can trust that answer.

Join Aideen as she breaks down the platitude “let it go” and gives you very practical tools for figuring out whether or not you actually want to let it go and, if you do, how to “let it go” effortlessly and peacefully.

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~ More About In Pursuit Of Truth with Aideen T. Finnola ~ 

Aideen T. Finnola is an empowerment coach, author, speaker, and radio show host. She is an unapologetic and empowered survivor of and thriver after physical, emotional, psychological, and religious abuse.

As she was raised in a religious cult for the first two decades of her life and was then unsuspectingly married to a closeted gay man for her life’s next two decades, she has a lot of experience with varying degrees and expressions of untruth. These experiences have fueled her pursuit of truth to the point of a full-on passion (some might say obsession).

Aideen has learned that above all, untruth is both unworkable and painful. Coming from the perspective that life, time and space, and the human experience are all perfect and good, she knows that truth can only exist within ideas and experiences that are both workable and enjoyable.

Aideen coaches her clients to find their own truth by investigating outside the conventional parameters of “should and shouldn’t,” “good and bad,” and “right and wrong.” She guides them instead to evaluate their experiences by questioning “Is this working for me?” and “Am I enjoying this?”

Aideen empowers people all over the world through her coaching, her memoir, My Exquisite Purple Life, her speaking, and her radio show. Her unwavering message is to look for truth, guidance, and answers within, because it’s all there inside!     ~   

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