Do You Have “What It Takes”? ~ Aideen T. Finnola

Do You Have “What It Takes”? ~ Aideen T. Finnola

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November 13, 2019 by *In Pursuit of Truth with Aideen T. Finnola

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How many times have you heard the question: “Do you have what it takes?” Does that question intimidate you? Does it stress you out? Do you worry that you don’t have “what it takes”? Many, many times, I have worried that I don’t have “what it takes.” Most of my life, in fact, I have been thoroughly convinced that I didn’t have “what it takes.”

What makes this question so stressful is that it is unanswerable due to its very nature. When the question “Do you have what it takes?” is asked, the requirement is never quantified. So often, this question leaves us feeling like a deer in the headlights, not having any idea just exactly what it will take but, nonetheless, feeling certain that we don’t have what it takes, even though we don’t know what that is. After an accomplishment is attempted and achieved, a challenge faced and overcome, a trauma worked through and healed, or crisis managed and averted, we can easily look back and see that, indeed, we must have had what it took because we did it. But we never know that at the outset, which begs the question “Do we even need to ask and/or answer whether or not we have what it takes?” Perhaps the question is useless and irrelevant after all.

Join Aideen as she explores the truth of the age-old question “Do you have what it takes?”

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~ More About In Pursuit Of Truth with Aideen T. Finnola ~ 

Aideen T. Finnola is an empowerment coach, author, speaker, and radio show host. She is an unapologetic and empowered survivor of and thriver after physical, emotional, psychological, and religious abuse.

As she was raised in a religious cult for the first two decades of her life and was then unsuspectingly married to a closeted gay man for her life’s next two decades, she has a lot of experience with varying degrees and expressions of untruth. These experiences have fueled her pursuit of truth to the point of a full-on passion (some might say obsession).

Aideen has learned that above all, untruth is both unworkable and painful. Coming from the perspective that life, time and space, and the human experience are all perfect and good, she knows that truth can only exist within ideas and experiences that are both workable and enjoyable.

Aideen coaches her clients to find their own truth by investigating outside the conventional parameters of “should and shouldn’t,” “good and bad,” and “right and wrong.” She guides them instead to evaluate their experiences by questioning “Is this working for me?” and “Am I enjoying this?”

Aideen empowers people all over the world through her coaching, her memoir, My Exquisite Purple Life, her speaking, and her radio show. Her unwavering message is to look for truth, guidance, and answers within, because it’s all there inside!     ~   

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