Ditching Depression – For GOOD ~ Rhonda Burns

Ditching Depression – For GOOD ~ Rhonda Burns

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October 26, 2016 by Rendezvous with Rhonda

Formerly depressed, run-down, stressed out, tapped out for life and ready to throw in the towel, I’ve been there, done that. Realizing, somewhere in my heart of hearts that it wasn’t time for me to die, I clung to the hope that something could & would change. It was that one glimmer that allowed me to get off anti-depressants entirely, walk away from everything that wasn’t serving my greatest good and completely, transform and up-level my life, my mental state, my emotional state and every other aspect of my life.

Now being immensely equipped to teach others how to alter and eliminate their depression with a tool ‘mecca’, Rhonda invites you into this conversation to radically and dynamically change your mental state – even when you’ve been clinically diagnosed. Would you be willing to share this show and conversation with anyone you might know who’s suffering from depression?

Rhonda is a definitely different catalyst for an unconventional way to embrace ALL of Y-O-U. Rhonda’s vibrant and exuberant personality coupled with the space of no judgment, not only invites people into the fullness and genuine truth of themselves, but provides the infusion of energy to quicken the time frame, allowing them to achieve their greatest levels of success and happiness faster. She’s been deemed a hound dog and an atom bomb of consciousness, as well as an energetic powerhouse. People can’t help but walk away activated, energized and feeling better as a result of playing with Rhonda.

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