Different … Confrontational … are They One and the Same??? ~ Tammy Pocock

Different … Confrontational … are They One and the Same??? ~ Tammy Pocock

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November 8, 2017 by Living BEYOND Dissatisfaction

Living BEYOND Dissatisfaction ~ Tammy Pocock  Radio Show

Do you allow your uniqueness, the Difference you Be, to shine through as the GIFT of possibilities YOU BE in the world? Or, have you succumb to the societal Belief that You, choosing to Be the Difference you Be … IS you harassing, irritating, and being mean and unkind to others??

How often do you find yourself in striving to survive in a world where Sameness is believed to BE safety, peace and ease and where Difference is Judged as CONFRONTATIONAL so … you chose to hide, deny and keep secret the Difference you Be?

Join Tammy this week to explore and the intricacies of Difference in our society and EMPOWER YOURSELF with tools to embrace and take FULL ADVANTAGE of the Difference You BE!!

Is unhappiness … disapproval … anxiety … regret …fear … anger and other ”Negativities” regularly showing up in your life?

Do you CELEBRATE these “negativities”?

Do you UTILIZE these “negativities” to your advantage, each and every time?

What … YOU’RE NOT???


What if the joy and success you are seeking has ALWAYS been there, it just looks WAY different than you thought? Are you NOW ready to acknowledge your dissatisfactions as YOUR personalized “call to action”, as the demand of self to use your potency as the inspiration and self-empowerment that it’s ALWAYS been? Are you ready to be propelled forward with the support to create the life and living you truly desire?

Tammy Pocock is an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Radio Show Host, and a Pragmatic Life & Partnership Coach, dedicated to working with people, bodies and animals.  An entrepreneur on the creative edge of online coaching and facilitation, she is dedicated to conspiring with others to actualize fast and amazing changes in their lives, truly actualizing a Conscious Partnership with themselves and ALL that is part of their lives, far beyond what they ever believed possible. 


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