Did Someone Tell You That You Are Not Good Enough and you believed that? Guest Gosia Lorenz

Did Someone Tell You That You Are Not Good Enough and you believed that? Guest Gosia Lorenz

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November 24, 2014 by 21 Grams of Soul

21 Grams of Soul with Lynda Walsh

Would you like more joy, ease, money, health and happiness in life YET you think it would be greedy to ask for more?

Are you tired of feeling like you don’t deserve, like you are wrong, like you are not good enough?

Would you like to have more ease with receiving everything?

Have you always know that something else is possible?

What if your life could be better than anything you could imagine?

Will you choose it?

In this powerful 21 Grams of Soul Radio show, Lynda Walsh Master Hypnotist and Concierge Business Coach and Special guest Gosia Lorenz will ask the questions that maybe you have been afraid to ask until now.

Gosia, Certified Access Consciousness™ Facilitator and says: ‘I can facilitate classes on every subject under the sun, including: body, abundance, relationships, receiving, business, and many more. I also am qualified to facilitate Foundation and Level 1 Classes that change lives all over the globe.’

And she will show us how to start to allow ourselves to be the contribution we truly are. We can step into our true potency where everybody who comes into contact with you will start to shift. As special bonus you will be given a link to sign up to receive a 2 hour How To Be Money Class mp3, that will change the way you are with money forever.

And for the people who call in with a question Gosia has a special surprise gift that I know for sure is very valuable. It’s one of those Wow! How did I get so lucky gifts. Be sure to call in for chance to win How did I get so Lucky Gift!!

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