Determining Your Unique Creation Catalyst ~ Rhonda Burns

Determining Your Unique Creation Catalyst ~ Rhonda Burns

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June 13, 2018 by *Rendezvous with Rhonda

Coming Undone With The Tenacious Minx Radio Show with Rhonda Burns

What’s a unique creation catalyst, you ask? Well, I’m so glad you asked! If you haven’t heard by now, #pleasureismyjam and PLEASURE is what lights me up every time, in every way, no matter the space I’m in. The energy and infusion of pleasure in my life, my thoughts, my emotions, my body, my questions and well, my everything catalyzes greater in my life than anything else does. It AMPS up the creation and the manifestation focus and time frames on my desires and dreams almost magically. Join me on the show to learn so much more!

A catalyst is: a person or thing that precipitates an event or change. But pleasure being my creation catalyst may not necessarily be yours. Yours might be joy, happiness, bliss, etc. I’m going to play with some exercises and some tools to help you determine specifically the “thing” at gets you revving at high speed every time, so at you too can create, generate & bring into existence the life you truly desire! Tune in on the 13th to determine your creation catalyst and have it work for you in miraculous ways!


It’s all about coming undone from conditioning, poor modeling and bogus beliefs to come alive and truly thrive. AKA: FREEDOM. Together, we learn, explore, transform, laugh, play and show up greater, so that we can remind not only ourselves of our greatest potential & possibilities, but to invite others to know it for themselves as well.

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