Dating Your Money ~ Guest Nicole Iacovoni

Dating Your Money ~ Guest Nicole Iacovoni

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March 18, 2020 by The Ads Maven

The Ads Maven with Jenn Possick Radio Show

Are you a good partner to your money?

Licensed couples therapist, Nicole Iacovoni found herself $87,000 in debt by being a ‘bad girlfriend’ to her money.

By applying the same techniques and strategies she used in her couple’s therapy practice to her money relationship, she was able to transform her finances in some awesome ways (like increasing my income x 5 and paying off ALL the debt in 2 years).

Now, Nicole is also a Financial therapist empowering women to deepen their relationship with money, earn their worth and manage money like a boss

In this episode we’ll talk about why many entrepreneurs (especially women) have complicated feelings about money and how that impacts their business, why every entrepreneur should date their money, and how to get started doing it.

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Nicole Iacovoni is a Financial Therapist and a licensed Couple’s Therapist with 17 years experience providing therapy to clients at her holistic wellness center based in Northeast Pennsylvania.

In her online business at, she writes a crush worthy newsletter called Money Love Notes where she dishes on her latest financial crush and offers inspirational ideas for lovin’ up on your money.

Her signature program, Money Therapy, teaches you how to transform your relationship with money into a steamy love affair built to last a lifetime.

She’s been featured in Business Insider, Up Journey, and Life and Money by Citi Bank. When she’s not empowering women to deepen their relationship with money, earn their worth and manage money like a boss, you can find her snuggling with her dog, devouring self-help books and sipping on vanilla lattes.

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