Darren O’Rourke – The Balance Between Craft and Volume

Darren O’Rourke – The Balance Between Craft and Volume

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February 22, 2021 by No Ounce Wasted

No Ounce Wasted 

A break from the kitchen turned his life around. What was meant to be a year off the pans turned into a new career on the knives. Darren opened Victor Churchill 12 years ago and has been with the family owned business ever since. he was head butcher at VC for 9 years before moving to the business’ head office where he worked on the production floor during the transition from food service, to e-commerce, then to a combination of both during the pandemic. he now sits between admin and production in the purchasing team as a product specialist with a special focus on production, NPD and a select group of Sydney’s finest restaurants. Darren’s love of butchery and the industry is deep and is born form a love of good food, simplicity, honesty and collaboration.


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Profit margin perils, mental health crises, employee challenges. Being a butcher is so much more than cutting meat. No Ounce Wasted is a safe space for butchers to share their successes and woes, so that we can all learn and grow together.

Join host Bryan Mayer, butcher, educator and Team USA World Butcher Competition member, as he has honest conversations about staying sharp in the meat business.


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