Culls Gold: Jill Marshall Gould Of Butter Meat Co.

Culls Gold: Jill Marshall Gould Of Butter Meat Co.

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August 24, 2020 by No Ounce Wasted

No Ounce Wasted 

Butter Meat Co. has a new taken on environmentally-improved meat: use dairy cows. Not a new idea to many in the meat industry, dairy culls often end up in industrial grind. Jill Marshall Gould has brought a modern sensibility to her program- keeping the culls local, the quality high and using butchery and marketing to give the cuts value. Bryan talks with Jill about her innovation, using online sales during a pandemic and other meaty topics.

Jill Marshall Gould, after marrying Steve Gould, a third generation dairy farmer at Har-Go Farms in Pavilion, saw a way to utilize something the region has in abundance: culled dairy cows. Instead of sending these cows to auction, Marshall Gould has started processing them and dry aging the steaks, selling them alongside burgers and dog bones at pop-ups under her Butter Meat Co. label. While still a small operation, she hopes to ultimately have the capacity to expand beyond her own farm’s cows and open a retail space nearby. (From Letchworth Gateway Villagers Initiative). Jill brings her experience of working on her family’s farm and working with Walmart’s supply chain to rethink local food.


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