Creativity Unleashed with Heather Nichols & special guest Blossom Benedict

Creativity Unleashed with Heather Nichols & special guest Blossom Benedict

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August 11, 2014 by Creating Beyond Reality! with Heather Nichols

Join Heather Nichols and this week’s special guest, Blossom Benedict for a juicy conversation around creativity! Blossom Benedict is an international speaker and transformational coach who has touched thousands of lives with the dynamic tools of Access Consciousness®. She spreads the message that anything you desire can be changed – and that it can actually be done with ease, joy, lightness, and – heaven forbid – even a little humor. A radio show host, empowering facilitator, and an accomplished actress – Blossom uses a unique combination of skills to get people out of their stories and into creating their life!

Blossom is the creator of Right Voice For You, an Access Consciousness specialty class that facilitates people all over the world in using their creative voice and having more fun & ease with expression. Blossom has also created a “30 Days of Creation” adventure that is an invitation to explore the creative process, let go of the judgments that hold us back from expressing ourselves, and to create create create for the fun and joy of it!

Heather will be inviting Blossom to share what she knows about the process and energies of creation and creativity, and how you can tap in to more ease and joy with your own creative journey in a way that really works for you. What if you just didn’t ever judge what you create? What if the creative process could be an ever expanding journey of awareness and discovery of what else, what else, what else? What if unleashing your creativity could be a greater gift to you and the world than you could possibly imagine?

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