“Creating BEYOND this Reality in Pregnancy and Birth” ~ Guest Dr. Glenna Rice

“Creating BEYOND this Reality in Pregnancy and Birth” ~ Guest Dr. Glenna Rice

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July 1, 2015 by Magic in Motion with Cara Wright

Magic in Motion with Cara Wright Radio Show

I am so excited to be welcoming Dr. Glenna Rice MD onto my show this week! She is a Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, an 3 Day Body Process Facilitator, and PHD.

She has an immense wealth of awareness and knowledge of bodies and also of YES… Pregnancy and birth!  I have had the pleasure of having many conversations with Glenna over the last three years about this subject, which is near and dear to my heart, and every time we speak something amazing is created!

What else is possible when we are willing to acknowledge all the creations that occur with the “baby” being, the mother and the bodies involved? How can all these conscious beings creation with one another, contribute to one another, and what is possible when they are not exactly being that contribution?

Does including the “baby’ beings allow for a totally different possibility for everyone?

Can a woman’s pregnancy and birth truly be effected by the being who is coming to be born and embodied here?  Is there way more going on here than any of us have ever known and what if we started to know it???

Please join Glenna and I as we explore this immense and amazing topic and truly consider all the magic and possibility that is waiting for both the mom’s and the beings who are embodying on this planet!!  Come and play!!

Dr. Glenna Rice, DPT (The Questionable Parent) is a single mother of three, she is also a Physical Therapist, a Certified Access Facilitator and an Access Body Class Facilitator.  She worked as a Pediatric Physical Therapist in the Boston and San Francisco school districts prior to opening her own practice, Access Physical Therapy, in San Rafael, CA. She teaches Conscious Parenting Classes, tele-calls and Access Seminars worldwide and is a contributing author in the book Conscious Parents Conscious Kids. She has been using the tools of Access with her children since her youngest was one and her children have truly become a contribution to her life and living. Access has given her more ease, joy and glory with being a parent than she could have ever imagined possible?