Creating BEYOND the Diagnosis with Guest Julie Andrew

Creating BEYOND the Diagnosis with Guest Julie Andrew

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July 21, 2014 by Beyond Speech Limitless Communication ~ Lauren Polly

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with a communication, learning or medical disorder? Have you been made wrong in general for the way that you interact and engage with people and the world? Have you stopped yourself from creating because of it?

Join Beyond Speech: Limitless communication, with host Lauren Polly and special guest Julie Andrew for an exploration of creating beyond the diagnosis and the supposed limitations it can create. Julie, who grew up diagnosed with ADD, speech deficits and learning disabilities, will speak from firsthand experience on how she has created beyond them. What if what was judged as a wrongness of you is actually a strongness? Come join the conversation!

About special guest Julie Andrew:

Julie Andrew is a natural healer, psychic and medium who specializes in creating different possibilities with animals, children and families going through ‘challenging’ situations. As a transformational coach and intuitive body specialist she takes what is judged as ‘wrongness’ (with behavior, bodies and brilliance) and shows you how to make it a strongness that allows you to have ease and joy in your life and body. Julie works with individuals, gifted children, families and animals to create change and possibilities in situations that may be judged as ‘hopeless.’ Visit for more information and to connect with Julie