Being the Leader of Your Life with Heather Nichols

Being the Leader of Your Life with Heather Nichols

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July 28, 2014 by Creating Beyond Reality! with Heather Nichols

Are you ready to create a reality way beyond this reality–from the brilliance that you truly be? Are you ready to fully step in to what you know as the source for the creation of your reality?

When you begin to be the leader of your life, you begin to function from the creative, generative juice that flows through you. You stop functioning from the reference points of the past, and the points of connection that you have with others that tell you where you should and shouldn’t create, how you should stay limited, and how to function so that you, and others, stay comfortable!

What if getting uncomfortable, edgy, and willing to propel yourself into a totally new possibility is what is required for a truly phenomenal life?

Is it time to stop playing small and to step in to doing whatever it takes to create what you know is possible–and beyond?

Join Heather Nichols for her weekly radio show–Creating Beyond Reality–and explore this juicy topic that will have you inspired by you, jumping in to creation, and alive with the dynamic possibilities that only you know!

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