Creating a New World for YOUNG PEOPLE ~ Guest Andrea Osowsky

Creating a New World for YOUNG PEOPLE ~ Guest Andrea Osowsky

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February 9, 2015 by Joy of Living with Laleh

Are you a young person struggling to find where you fit in the world? Do you know that there is more possible but you are not sure where to start?  You’re not alone.  Join Joy of Living with Laleh and Guest, Andrea Osowsky, as Andrea shares tools and resources to assist Young Adults looking to get out of judgement of themselves, have more fun, and create for their future.

About Andrea Osowsky: She is a Life Coach, Speaker, Author, and an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator.

In addition to the tools and resources, Andrea is sharing a gift with all the listeners, a Free e-book, “Ending The Mind Chatter”.  You can download it at

After Andrea’s dad committed suicide in 2006, she set out on a healing journey pursuing joy, happiness, purpose, and understanding. She has received training in several alternative healing modalities, most recently expanding her possibilities with Access Consciousness. Andrea has a high energy spirit, unshakable confidence, and the ability to see beyond people’s limitations. She is a catalyst for great change and a visionary for a world without judgement.

Andrea’s ability to ask questions enlightens her clients to see greater possibilities and step into the life they know is possible. She believes that choice is always your “Trump Card” and that your ability to choose is a phenomenal gift too often overlooked. What would you create if you knew you could choose anything?


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