Creating A New Relationship ~ Bert & Nelly

Creating A New Relationship ~ Bert & Nelly

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April 16, 2018 by Creating Magical Relationships with Bert & Nelly

Creating Magical Relationships Radio Show

Are you looking at your relationships and asking yourself how do I fix this? Why would you try to fix something that doesn’t work? Is that what you have been told you are suppose to do, so you suffer? Is that really true? How about creating something different?

Perhaps you judged yourself wrong and you bend, fold, mutilate who you are to fit in? You look at the wrongness in you to get your relationships right? Do you spend so much energy and work to get your relationships right by the end of the day you are totally exhausted and unhappy? What is right and by whose standards, yours or somebody else? What are the choices and possibilities to create a relationship with ease, joy and fun, unique for you?

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Do you have any places where you are locked up with creating the best relationship and sex life you’ve ever had?

What if those places could be unlocked and you could begin to enjoy relationships again?

What if you didn’t have to give up or cut off parts of yourself and you can see the value and contribution of you in every relationship?

Let’s talk about what nobody talks about and gain access to the possibilities of amazing and empowering sex and relationships where you do not lose you, in fact, you get more of yourself.

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