Cover That Unseemly Body! ~ Tamara and Alun

Cover That Unseemly Body! ~ Tamara and Alun

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July 4, 2016 by Playground of Possibilities with Tamara and Alun

Have you ever been told to cover up your body because someone else has judged it as disgusting, bad, wrong, horrible or unseemly?

Ever noticed how much judgment there is in the world around bodies, what they look like, what they shouldn’t look like, and what they should look like? How much are you buying into that? How much are you shaming yourself and your body and locking that up as real and true?

What would change if you didn’t make judgment and other people’s points of view about bodies meaningful and significant and relevant to you?

How much creative energy are you locking up into keeping judgment of your body in place? What else could you create if you stopped doing that?

Join Alun and Tamara in the Playground of Possibilities as they play with the infinite possibilities of getting out of judgment of bodies.

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