Courage for Freedom ~ Guest Kelly Franklin

Courage for Freedom ~ Guest Kelly Franklin

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May 27, 2019 by *The SOAR Experience

The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins

Guest Host, Cynthia O’Neill, founder of The Power of the Purse Women’s Conference and the CEO of High Altitude Thinking Inc. is all about IMPACT. Her life mission is to Empower – Motivate – Celebrate with and for women. Cynthia interviews Guest Kelly Franklin speaking about Courage for Freedom.

Cynthia O’Neill has a long career as a business builder and excels in strategic network and relationship development. She has carved a reputation for her energy, leadership and record of results. Cynthia is an excellent communicator, a big-picture thinker and fearless when championing projects that create change, encourage growth and advance women. She creates environments to build together, grow together, share together and celebrate together…and this drives the ripple effect of Impact; Impact in touching lives, shifting economic situations, empowering emerging leaders, and embracing community. Cynthia will unleash and share stories of women from all over the world, from unique walks of life, with compelling power and grace.
For more information about Cynthia please contact her at:
Direct line:519.854.1646

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