Conscious Carnivores: Moving the Energy ~ Dr. Andi’s World

Conscious Carnivores: Moving the Energy ~ Dr. Andi’s World

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May 29, 2020 by Dr. Andi's World

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If you have ever attempted to “hold energy” you likely figured out pretty quickly that it’s basically impossible.  Energy is never not in motion!  So what effects is it having on us and our bodies, and our animals (even our human kiddos) when we are trying to hold on to all kinds of energy rather than moving the energy?  That is what we are exploring on this installment of Conscious Carnivores.

In case you had not noticed – animals move energy.  They don’t bottle it up or save it for later, or take their issue to their therapist – they move the energy, right then and there, in the moment.  It might look like playing or fighting, or something in between.  They are quick and they are clear, and then they are on to the next energy.  Perhaps we could take a page from their playbook…they might just be onto something.  Wolves and Lions and Bears in the wild don’t have high blood pressure or diabetes…there could be something to this moving the energy thing.

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