Connecting: What’s the Value? Guest, Donna Salemink

Connecting: What’s the Value? Guest, Donna Salemink

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July 25, 2016 by Imperfect Brilliance with Betsy & Kathy

We live in a world where connecting with people around the globe is easier than it’s ever been. At least, that’s what it looks like on the surface. But how often do you see people sitting around a table, everyone on their phone totally disengaged from each other?

What have you decided connecting is that keeps you from having total presence with your life and everything showing up in it?

What if there are a few tools you can use to change that right away?

What if you could apply these tools to your business to create more clients and successful classes? And if your relationships create juicier, more playful, pleasurable and joyous connections?

Donna Salemink works with people around the world in several capacities. From facilitating classes designed for people who know more is possible for their lives and bodies to private coaching and body magic sessions, she finds her greatest joy in seeing people step into the changes they are truly asking to make. Beyond that, Donna works with businesses assisting with marketing, project management, team development, and growing a sustainable living future.

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Could your imperfections actually be your brilliance? What if your willingness to acknowledge your brilliance is the catalyst to creating a new reality? One of magic and joyous possibilities! Imperfect Brilliance is about shedding all the layers of the not-you, everywhere where you’re making yourself wrong… because underneath all that crap lies what’s beautiful and imperfectly right about you. When you stop judging you, what else can you create in the world? Certified Facilitators of Access Consciousness® Betsy McLoughlin, Sadie Lake and Kathy Williams invite you to come play and release the judgment so you can truly shine.

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