Connecting to your Infinite Self ~ Jeneen Yungwirth

Connecting to your Infinite Self ~ Jeneen Yungwirth

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September 5, 2016 by Just Show Up! with Jeneen Yungwirth

What is your infinite self?  Why is it that we keep trying to achieve some level of consciousness or enlightenment?  Do you keep trying to learn and study so you can have knowledge and wisdom?  Taking classes like crazy to gain more experience?  Why is it that we all keep buying that we are messed up?  Would an infinite being be messed up?   Or are we functioning from a place that keeps us in that space of needing help and being pathetic? Empowering or dis-empowering?  Going to be a hot topic uncovering more of your magic, how much fun can we have and I wonder what can possibly change?

Have you been hiding from life? Do you wonder if it is possible to have more than what you currently have in your life? Do you sometimes wonder what the point is to living? Change is possible, and what if you simply don’t have the tools yet to create those changes.

Jeneen Yungwirth ~ Radio Show Host


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