Commune with the Earth, Create more for you!

Commune with the Earth, Create more for you!

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January 22, 2016 by Super Scoop of Consciousness

Did you know that the Earth can contribute to you and your body? And that you can contribute to the Earth with a simple thought and request?  Yes we know that sounds crazy but it’s TRUE! It really is that simple.

And, What if, taking the time to commune with the earth is actually a contribution to you? What if it’s one of the fastest, easiest paths to creating more of you, who you be and what you desire?!  How much more ease can you have in all things when you include the Earth?

Say what?!  We’ll be talking about the earth, the planet, the state it is in, what we can change, what we can contribute and how all of that is a contribution to you and your living and tools to exponentialize what is possible with the planet and you!

What contribution can we be to creating a sustainable living earth for the next 10,000 years+++++?