Clarity with Choice with Lisen Bengtsson

Clarity with Choice with Lisen Bengtsson

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July 23, 2014 by Receiving Rachael

Choice, Its the big C word! Sometimes in my world I choose something and then its like I don’t allow myself to have it with total ease! What if Choice is you opening the door to receiving a different possibility? What if choice is like being in a restaurant and ordering the food you would like in that moment! What if it could be that easy to choose! This Weds Lisen and I will look at clarity in choosing what is light for you! What if choice is not significant at all and its like being a kid, changing all the time, now I d like to skip, now I d like to eat bread and jam! Sooo fun and easy! Would you like to join in the fun! Come play! Hugs Arch

LIVE WEDS 3PM IST (Irish Standard Time)


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