Choosing YOU Beyond Definition ~ Guest Virginie Aimard

Choosing YOU Beyond Definition ~ Guest Virginie Aimard

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August 13, 2018 by *Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza - with Junaline

Joy, Vulnerability, Pizza with Junaline Radio Show

We live in this reality that choosing the box where we fit in, is the norm. While none of this is wrong (or right!), sometimes these choices are not always ours. It’s a radical thing to be choosing YOU beyond definition, to listen to yourself and to go for the things you truly love. Join Junaline & Virginie Aimard in this conversation on how choosing YOU can declutter your mind from what’s not yours and to explore the joy and freedom of what is it to be you, no matter what.

A pioneer in her first career as an academic expert, she wrote the first PhD in La Sorbonne University in Paris about E-Learning – then decided to change course and pursue an international career in International Development in Greece then in Germany leading her to become a UN diplomat. People thought she was crazy when she decided to leave that and become a Yoga Teacher. Now they enjoy her coaching sessions and online programmes. Virginie is an Access Consciousness® Facilitator and Mindset Coach and loves to empower people to see through their veils and shine their being in the world.

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