Cannabis is Alive! ~ Rena Wells

Cannabis is Alive! ~ Rena Wells

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May 14, 2018 by The Journey Home ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show

Plant life has consciousness, including the king of all of plant life Cannabis. This multipurpose plant can be eaten, made into clothing, textiles, oils, medicine, plus it can save the environment. Cannabis and spirituality have been linked for over 5000 and yet many of the ancient teachings and rituals of plant healing has been lost to present day culture. Before colonialism, the spiritual connection of cannabis was used and first recorded in China 10000 years ago.

Cannabis’ healing properties open energetic doorways based on your consciousness vibration. Join the Journey Home Show with Intuitive Transformation Coach Rena Wells as you take a guided journey into the cannabis energetic realms within your conscious cells.

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If you are ready to end the dualistic frustrating, stagnant energy in your life, then make sure to tune in as Rena takes you into the depths of the subconscious.

Rena Wells is a natural Empath/Psychic/Medium/Divine Channel/Healer, Transformation Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Radio Show Host who has been guided to aid humanity in shifting the current spiritual paradigm into conscious soul operation. Imagine ending the battle between the logical mind vs the heart and stepping into the power you were born with? You have the power to make sound, powerful choices to manifest your birthright abundance. You have simply forgotten how. Rena is here to remind you.

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